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About Buzzard Rods



A bit about me.


I started off messing about doing bits for myself back in the day because I like to have tackle and bits and pieces that do the job better but are different from everyone else.

This then led to doing custom indicators and stick fittings in carbon and metal, etc that suited me and my mates at the time.

However later on I started to do repair work for a couple of tackle shops as it was hard to find someone any good who actually wanted to take it on. Later this lead to doing the odd full custom builds and slowly lead up to where we are today.

I now offer a full re build and changes service to more than a dozen shops plus I also offer a complete custom building service on Harrison blanks with very quick lead times to builds and repairs.

Our services include:

  • Full strip and re-ringing/whipping service

  • Replacing damaged guides and other fittings

  • Building  and repairing rods for two large tackle shops

  • New handles, guides, fittings, trim, graphics and reel seats

  •  we are the complete rod alteration and rebuild specialists 

We only use the best quality products from suppliers such as Alps, Kigan, American tackle, Harrison advanced rods, Fuji and Pacific Bay.

Our aim is to give you total customer satisfaction with a top quality product within a set time frame.

For any enquiries regarding carp, pike or specialist  rod builds please email or call for a competitive quote.



BALLISTA- supplied in a matt plain carbon finish, so no full on carbon weave pattern but they do make exceptional blanks.these have been going over 30 years  and were the ORIGINAL design of the overfit blank.

they are thin walled and bullet proof build quality with a blank that covers almost everything except extreme range fishing.


Available in the following lengths and test curves 


9’ 3 piece 2.0 stalker

9’ 3 piece 2.75 stalker

10’ 2.75 stalker - (a superb small water rod)

11’ 2.5 baby ballista

11’ 3.0 baby ballista

11’ 3.5 baby ballista

12’ 2.75

12’ 3.0

12’3.0 pikemaster - (probably the best all round pike rod you can buy)

12’ 3.5

13’ 4.0

12’ 4.0 spod

12’ 5.0 heavy spod

13’ 5.0 extreme spod


TORRIX - these are without a doubt Harrisons best selling blank range, and with good reason. The 12’ 3.25 is their best selling rod ever bar none as it can cast 150 yards and still play fish nicely.

The blanks have a matt 1k carbon weave to the butt and tip reinforcement and a plain carbon finish to the tips.


Available in the following lengths and test curves


10’ 2.75

10’ 3.0

10’ 3.25

10’ 5.0 -the go to heavy catfish rod for the uk and europe

11’ 2.75


11’ 3.5

12’ 2.25

12’ 2.5

12’ 2.75

12’ 3.0

12’ 3.25

12’ 3.5

12’ 3.3 TE

12’6” 3.4 TE

12’ 3.75- heavy cat rods for uk fishing

13’ 3.25

13’ 3.5


ACCURIX -close to medium range blanks finished in a matt 1k weave designed to fish accurately up to 100 yards and the slimmest blanks in the range.


 Available in the following lengths and test curves


12’ 2.5

12’ 2.75

12’ 3.0



AVIATOR- the Harrison  flagship range that covers 99% of carp fishing. With faster recovering, thinner tips and a full 1k weave to the tip. These blanks were designed so the average angler without great casting skills can load the rod easier and cast further and more accurately than ever before.


10’ 2.75

10’ 3.25

10’ 3.5

10’ 4.0 spod

11’ 2.75

11’ 3.25

11’ 3.5

12’ 3.2 flex -a superb rod for people that love playing fish.

12’ 3.6 -for extra power if required

12’6” 3.5 plus

12’ 3.5 plus 2

12’ 3.75 -the new go to extreme range rod

12’ 4.5 spod

12’6” spod

12’6” 3.5 marker

13’ 3.5 plus -the most popular distance rod in the range being easier to compress

13’ 3.75 plus 2

13’ 4.5 spod

13’ 4.5 TE -extreme range rod


TREBUCHET DISTANCE RODS- a matt finish blank with a 3k weave to the butt and plain carbon midway up the tip.

The treb lights are the most popular blanks as although a long range rod they retain an easier casting nature and more playability than the full trebs which can be “too much “rod for a lot of anglers.


12’ 3.75 treb light

12’ 4.0 full treb

13’ 3.75 treb light

13’ 4.0 full treb

13’ 4.5 spod

13’  4.3 UFR (ultra fast recovery)-the newest extreme range rod to the market




CHIMERA BLANKS- these have a lovely matt finish 3k weave to the butt and mid tip with plain carbon to the tip end.These are I must say, lovely rods to look at and use.


11’ 1.4- a beautifully balanced specimen rod with a very nice old skool through action, ideally suited for chub, perch and smaller specimens but if much larger fish are hooked then it can cover these at a push as well. Just delightful rods to use.


CHIMERA NO 1- 12’ 1.5- a lovely, light actioned specimen rod that is fine enough to use for float work.


CHIMERA NO2 12’ 1.75- a very nice multi species rod with a  soft tip and through action that will handle leads and feeders up to 3 oz very nicely.


CHIMERA NO 3 12’ 2.25-a beefed up in the butt and tip rod suitable for the bigger rivers like the thames and trent, this will actually CAST feeders and leads of 6oz if required.


CHIMERA NO4 13’ 2.75- a true custom rod designed by Harrison specifically for fishing big powerful rivers like the tidal trent, the tip is nice and fine for picking up those shy twitches and bites whereas the butt is very powerful, enabling 10 oz feeders and leads to be used for holding in the very strong flows encountered with these bigger waters.


9’ 2.0 3 piece barbel stalker rods- a favourite of the barbel lads to keep out of sight in the back of the car for those quick after work sessions. Lovely 3 piece rods with no flat spots, fine tips and a progressive action.


10’ 1.75 stalker- a beautifully slim, plain matt finish carbon blank for smaller waters or stalking, deceptively powerfull in the butt section and a lovely thin, sensitive tip, ideal for flicking baits out. These are just really good fun to fish with, just watch the rod bend!


11’ 1.4 Avon- another lovely Avon blank in a plain matt carbon finish, which will deal with chub, barbel and tench. Nice soft tips to prevent hook pulls but a good bit of power if something extra turns up!


11’ 1.6 stepped up Avon- plain carbon in a matt finish with slightly more power than the standard blank.


11’ 1.5 4 piece Avon- a very popular blank, again in matt plain carbon finish but supplied in 4 piece format, Harrison have got it spot on with the action on these-there are no flat spots anywhere on the blanks.

Ideal for keeping in the car boot out of sight for those quick after work sessions or even holiday fishing, these will deal with chub, barbel and carp floater work


12’ 1.75 specialist- plain carbon matt finish for the angler that needs a longer rod in three sections to handle bigger chub and barbel. Also again ideal to hide in the car boot out of sight.




11’ 1.5

11’ 1.75

11’ 2.0

12’ 1.25

12’ 1.5

12’ 1.75- probably the most popular barbel rod that I sell

12’ 2.0 - superb all round fish anywhere rods for specimen work

12’ 2.25 flood/snag rod

12’ Torrix tri tip rods-a buzzard exclusive rod

.2.0,1.75 tips and a 1.75 carrier section supplied with three drennan quiver tips.





Torrix 6’ 1 piece 

Aviator 6’ 1 piece

Aviator 6’ plus 3’ extension

Duplex 6’ 2 piece overfit net handle


We also make the exclusive Buzzard rods 1 piece 6’, reverse taper 3k carbon pole with stainless end fitting, either butt cap or spike options.

Buzzard rods 2 piece 6’ reverse taper 3k carbon pole with stainless end fitting, either butt cap or spike options.

Both of these are also supplied as full net options and the two piece full net comes supplied with its own custom camo bag.





11’6” catfish available as 5.2lb or 4.2lb test curves. Superb heavy catfish rods for home or European use.


Buzzard’s Custom carbon weighing bars. These are available to match your rods if required, just ask!










I can now offer a 2 piece , reverse taper,42” and 50” custom landing net, the buzzard rods “ROAMER SYSTEM NET”.

The carbon handle blanks are exclusively rolled for me by harrisons and equally the metalware is all one-off custom. These nets feature a stainless rear spike with an anodised thread section to screw the pole together, an anodised custom spreader block which takes the full carbon Harrison net arms with stainless and alloy fittings. The nets have a deep, good quality mesh for resting the fish in.

 A superb quality net hand made in England with English components.

The nets  also come fitted in a nice quality, again hand made in England, zipped stink bag in dpm camo finish.


9’ 3 piece 2.75 ‘Roamer rods’.

A quite surprisingly powerfull blank, at 9’ they are a bit shorter but the power and progressive action are very nice. My consultant has had fish to 38lb in heavy weed on these with no bother!

Supplied in the ultra matt finish these rods have somewhat of a cult following over the years. I custom build on these blanks and can supply the complete ‘ROAMER SYSTEM’  of three rods, landing net, holdall and elasticated tip tops if required.


9’ 3 rod 3 piece rod holdalls, made exclusively for me by cotswold Aquarius, so the quality is superb and hand madeIn england. These feature extra large reel housings to take the big pit reels favoured by so many anglers today, and extra padding for your expensive rods, reels and 2 piece nets.

These are available in dpm camp or green finish.


Buzzard rods 9’ 3 piece  elasticated tip and butt protectors. Again hand made  in England exclusively for me by cotswold Aquarius

these are also available in dpm camp or green finish.


10’6” 2.75,3.25 and 3.75  buzzard boat/small water rods. These are another exclusive to me blank. Supplied in a plain carbon matt finish.

Ideal for smaller waters or boat work where you need a bit more power, these blanks have a lovely progressive action to them and I build them as boat pike rods or carp small water/stalking rods, again in the ultra matt finish.


12’ 3lb buzzard pikemaster rods. If Carlsberg made rods……….prob the best general purpose pike rod on the market. Ideal for live or dead baiting work with plenty of casting power in the butt, again supplied in the ultra matt finish.


11’6” heavy catfish rods supplied as either 4.2 or 5.2 test curves in the ultra matt finish. These are very powerfull blanks designed for targeting large powerful cats here and abroad but are properly rung to take advantage of the blanks full power curve so are not just “broomsticks”.




These superb stalking rods are 9' with a 2.75lb test curve and are 3 sections.

They come in a matt finish blank and my standard build on them is full cork, fuji  bc or american tackle  black dps reel seat, matching collars, 40mm minima guide set with an sic anti frap 12mm tip guide and are wrapped in black with minimal black detailing.They can of course be built to your exact specification if required.

The rods although only short, have an amazing action to them with a lot of reserve power in the butt when required, my field tester has landed fish to 38lb on them in heavy weed!

These rods have a big cult following from the early  carping days .


I am now able to offer, a superb quality, unique to Buzzard Rods, 9' 3 piece rod holdall custom made for me by cotswold aquarius in dpm or green colours.

These  holdalls will fit your 3 rods with extra space to fit the big pit reels now favoured by so many anglers and have extra internal padding, a zipped bankstick pocket, a zipped lead/tackle pocket and an open pocket for a 2 piece net and handle.

Along with the holdalls i can now supply tip and butt elasticated protectors specifically made to fit these rods, again made by cotswold in dpm and green

The holdall will carry everything you need for a shorter roving session as everything is stored together in one unit and makes moving on to showing fish quick and easy.


I am now able to offer  a 6' 2  piece, 1k matt finish, reverse taper landing net with screw joint fittings and a stainless spike for when you need to rest the fish. The poles also float  making landing fish a bit easier so no need for those awfull net floats.

there is also a  6' handle for anyone looking for a full 1 piece option.

The net arms  are full carbon (harrison) and feature stainless and alloy fittings and the nets are available in a 42" and 50" options  with a deep green mesh for anyone who requires just that bit more net. 

 These poles dont exist anywhere else and are exclusive to buzzard rods and the blanks  are rolled for me by harrisons. The nets  feature a very neat, exclusive , anodised aluminium spreader block.

The net poles will also be for sale on their own for anyone who just wants to fit their own block and net.

Please follow the Buzzard rods facebook page to see everything thats up to date going on with us and please feel free to get in contact with any questions you might have.

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